Released by New Harbinger Publications, August 2010's #1 Seller in Buddhism Memoirs!

The Buddha & The  Borderline:

My Recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder through Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Buddhism & Online Dating

  by Kiera Van Gelder, MFA

The Buddha & the Borderline is a NAMI Bookshelf Choice!
The National Alliance on Mental Illness E-Advocate, July 2910

"This engaging memoir illuminates the experience of living with borderline personality disorder, a mental illness that is often misunderstood.

The author shares her painful struggles with depression, drug addiction, self-harm and unstable relationships that ultimately lead to her late diagnosis with borderline personality disorder. Through her pursuit of dialectical behavior therapy, Buddhist spirituality and adventures in online dating, she reclaims life and works towards recovery on her own terms."